Sometimes you need someone to believe in you before you believe it too.

Why Get A Presentations Coach?

When faced with an important presentation or speech, most people don’t take the effort to find a person who is skilled in both presenting and coaching to help them prepare.

The things that need to happen include practicing delivery (including body language and voice), making sure the content is clear and structured and managing confidence and the emotional tone that is necessary to deliver an outstanding presentation.

Presentations Academy offers discrete coaching to suit any needs.

All coaching sessions are:

  • Completely confidential
  • Flexible in terms of timing
  • includes dry runs of presentation
  • ability to fine tune the content
executive coaching

Executive Coaching

Time Matters. Let's Not Waste It.

You have an important event coming up would like to improve how you come across.

This event could be a keynote conference, a ceremony, an event with stakeholders, or maybe a major sales pitch to a board of directors. It could even be a political event.

We will support with content clarity, delivery (including body language and voice) as well as raising confidence and using emotions.

The 8 hours Executive Coaching Session involves analysis of current delivery style (through video), development and agreement of coaching focus, practicing and feedback as well as post presentations debrief.

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Coach Each Other To Greatness

You get all the benefits of Executive Coaching but delivered in a group environment so that you can learn to coach other (and keep the costs down). Maximum for each group is 4.

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Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Need to work on something specific?

Sometimes you need to work on something specific. May be you want to have a discussion on the content of your next presentations and you want to pick up quick hints and tips.

Thinking of the structure and format of your presentation?

Want to practice your personal delivery style?

You can check out our online coaching services.

We will connect with you using professional training software and work ‘live’ with our presentation coach and get personal support and feedback without leaving your home or office.

You need a webcam, a microphone and your material. We will agree a suitable time to connect.

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What's your presentations skills development requirement?

Do you know where you need to improve? Why not send us a video of you presenting and let us do a quick analysis for you.