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We know we can make a difference. We all want to change the world and we do it one learning at a time.

Presentations Academy is part of the Right Eye Suite Of Corporate Training.

Celebrating 12 years as corporate training and transformation experts​

Right Eye is made up of passionate and experienced people focused on one goal: delivering workshops that create transformation.

Transparent and talented, our strong process keeps our team focused and yours involved. We love the work we do, the clients we work with and the amazing people we work alongside!

Make Everything A Learning Experience
'Our values determines how we do things. There is such a thing as The Right Eye Way and that is what makes us different'.
Reza Ali
Reza Ali
CEO & Founder, Right Eye

A culture of learning

And while we’re learning, how about having some fun? In the office, in our workshops, when we travel and when we meet with people. We talk about serious things but we don’t take ourselves seriously.

Are you the next Learner?

You like to learn. You work well with others. You want to learn to be a leader. Join our Logistics Leadership Development Team.

Logistics Leadership Development Program

Our Logistics Leadership Development Program focuses on developing young leaders who get the opportunity to contribute as part of a workshop support team.